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South Africa’s land reform policies need to embrace social, economic and ecological sustainability

Land reform is central to South Africa's quest for social justice. During the apartheid era, land was concentrated in the hands of the white minority. Black people were dispossessed of their land and...

How your social media post can harm your child

As the first day of school approaches, parents and guardians are being warned to be extra cautious about sharing personal information about their children. Sharing personal details on social media is something...

FNB contributes R17 million in SME grants to tackle social challenges

In line with its broader strategy of support for South African SMEs, FNB recently distributed over R17 million in grant funding to black-owned businesses that could potentially have a significant impact...

Warning against fake social media posts

KwaZulu-Natal Acting Premier Ravi Pillay has warned citizens not to fall prey to the many fake reports that are currently circulating on social media about attacks on foreign nationals. Pillay said the...

Goodwood social housing project to deliver over 1 000 rental housing units

The City of Cape Town has welcomed the start of the Goodwood social housing project, which is expected to deliver 1 050 rental housing units. "We must continue working towards reversing the...


How robotic logistics are the key to automated warehouses

IN 2018 American companies spent approximately $1.5 trillion on logistical expenses. It's a jaw-dropping number that underpins the importance of supply chain management to...


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