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Proportional valves and controller solutions

“A thorough uunderstanding of the latest fluid power technologies is critical for the design of efficient and cost-effective hydraulic systems. Coupled with technical expertise, is the need for the selection of...

Local I&PC company turns 40

THIS year, INSTROTECH celebrates 40 years in the business of providing industrial electronics, instrumentation, calibration equipment and solutions in the process control and instrumentation industry.  Founded by Dave Howcraft in 1981,...

Automatic extinguishing solutions in recycling facilities and incineration plants utilizing heat detection

WITH a growing awareness towards the environment and resources, the amount of recycling and incineration facilities worldwide has increased significantly. The risk of fires in these industries is a rising concern....

Marine lubrication solutions

LUBRICANTS for the marine environment are subjected to very specific and often harsh conditions. They therefore need to be designed for their specific applications to ensure they are effective and safe. Callum...

Bigger throughlet sizes in wastewater pumps doesn’t reduce clogging

As the old joke goes, what should you do if your hammer isn't suitable for a job? Get a bigger hammer! When managing clogging in wastewater pumps, the 'bigger is better'...


New B2C online shopping platform for engineering consumables

BMG’s online shopping platform now encompasses a newly launched E-Commerce service, designed especially for consumers, to boost their buying experience of engineering consumables. “The success...


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