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Shared transport company launches in SA

Zeelo, the shared transportation service, has launched in South Africa, it’s first overseas market after the United Kingdom. Zeelo uses superior data analytics to provide mobility services to travellers that are undeserved...

Business is feeling the pinch of South Africa’s strained economy

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHOHsjXKlnA]

How liquefied natural gas could change South Africa’s fortunes

The development of liquefied natural gas (LNG) could help transform the South African economy, spur re-industrialisation, reduce the country's over-reliance on coal-fired power stations, and contribute to increased regional trade. South Africa...

Google’s Digital Marketing Transformation programme launches in SA

Google has announced the launch of the Digital Marketing Transformation (DMT) programme in South Africa. Nasser Ahmed, Google Digital Academy head of emerging markets, described the programme as a partnership between a...

What is driving SA’s office leases?

It has been predicted this year that among South Africa's three major commercial segments, office space will be the biggest loser. With a stubbornly high vacancy rate that sees Johannesburg at...


Which Province has the fastest Internet in all of South Africa?

Internet speed depends on a series of factors, but the most important of them is the established infrastructure that can roll out the latest...


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