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Afrox achieves level 1 status

AFRICAN Oxygen Limited (Afrox) has achieved Level 1 status under South Africa’s Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment regulations. This is an historic achievement for Afrox and will open doors to many more...

Consumers ‘in for a rough ride’ if SA hits ratings junk status

The panic about a possible sub-investment grade came after Moody’s expressed concern over the bailout of SOEs and the lack of growth in the economy. As rumours do the rounds that international...

Moody’s leaves South Africa hanging – here’s what to expect next

Ratings agency Moody’s has left the South African public hanging, with the group not publishing any ratings review, research report or note on the country’s credit status. Moody’s was expected to deliver...

Why Moody’s could spare South Africa from junk

Ratings agency Moody’s says that even though South Africa’s budget points to fiscal deterioration, and was seen overall as credit negative, the analysis that goes into a ratings decision is more...

Wiese loses billionaire status as Steinhoff continues massive sell-off

Once the richest man in South Africa, retail tycoon Christo Wiese has lost his dollar billionaire status, Forbes’ realtime rankings show. As of Friday, 8 December, Wiese’s fortune has shrunk...


Cape Town has the ninth-worst traffic congestion in the world

By Larry Claasen The City of Cape Town will spend R444-million to relieve traffic congestion over the next three years. TRAFFIC congestion in Cape Town ranks...


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