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Egg aims to disrupt SA retail’s status quo

"The world is not as it was, and neither is retail. A new approach was needed that challenged the status quo and offered a way for local brands to be seen...

Canal Walk gets some new PEP

Canal Walk at Century City, Cape Town gets its first PEP store on 30 October 2020. As South Africa’s biggest single brand clothing retailer with more than 2,350 outlets across the country,...

How South Africa’s mangrove forests store carbon and why it matters

Scientists around the world are looking for ways to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This gas is a natural component of the atmosphere, released by processes of respiration and decomposition...

Here’s how a ‘Louis Vuitton’ jersey ended up in a Pick n Pay store

Pick n Pay says a "Louis Vuitton" jersey spotted at a store in Paarl, Western Cape, erroneously slipped into a delivery of knitwear ordered for the store. The jersey, a two-tone brown check...

Dedicated CBD store to open in Cape Town

The opening of the Goodleaf store on Buitenkant Street, Cape Town will have many pro-cannabis residents rejoicing, as the store plans to include legal cannabidiol (CBD) products in its dagga-based offerings. “We’re...

Tekkie Town founders announce new chain store Mr. Tekkie

The founders of shoe retailer Tekkie Town will be launching a new retail chain supplier of branded sports apparel and footwear, they announced on Monday. Mr. Tekkie, as it will...


‘5-in-1 Trade Show’ brings important industries, buyers and sellers, together

THIS year’s event is set to be one of the biggest Electra Mining Africa exhibitions to date with over 850 companies exhibiting across six...


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