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Meeting South Africa’s carbon emissions target: first we measure, then we manage

AS the world’s 12th largest greenhouse gas emitter, South Africa has indicated that total emissions will begin to decline in 2025 with our Cabinet adopting a lowered greenhouse gas emission target recently....

Less than 10% of African countries to hit key COVID-19 vaccination goal

Just five African countries, less than 10% of Africa’s 54 nations, are projected to hit the year-end target of fully vaccinating 40% of their people, unless efforts to accelerate the pace...

New scam targetting drivers licence applicants emerges

The City of Cape Town’s Traffic Service is warning the public to be extra wary, as a new scam targetting individuals who need learner and driving licenses, or have outstanding fines...

Cape Town water consumption only 66 million litres above target

Capetonians are winning their battle against Day Zero. Thanks to locals' water-saving efforts, the city's collective daily consumption over the past week was only 66 million litres above the target...


Cape Town getting closer to turning waste into wattage

The City of Cape Town’s Mayoral Committee Members for Urban Waste Management and Energy visited the Coastal Park landfill Tuesday, 27 February 2024, to...


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