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South African farmers play chicken with Trump tariffs

JOHANNESBURG - Herman Pretorius is just the kind of white South African farmer U.S. President Donald Trump expressed concern for when he barged into the country’s delicate land reform debate by...

South Africa’s municipal electricity tariffs are hurting the economy

South Africa’s machinery and equipment industries have recently come under huge pressure. Falling demand after the 2008 financial crisis and rising energy costs have harmed the sector. These trends are concerning...

City of Cape Town receives 37 000 comments on its tariff hikes

The City of Cape Town’s public participation process on the proposed tariff increases closed with more than 37000 comments Friday, of which 80% were objections. Mayco member for water and...

Tariff hikes not the solution for Eskom, Nersa hears

Eskom’s liquidity issues can be more adequately resolved by addressing non-payment among users and by implementing the major cost cutting needed at the state-owned power utility. This was the view...

Cape Town residents protest water tariffs; Why pay for the City’s mistakes?

Cape Town's taps should have run dry this week, but the city has managed to dodge this deadline. Day Zero was pushed back to 2019 after a steady decrease in water...


Healey’s Cheese has a new arrival and it’s fabulously family-friendly

Tomme is the perfect treat for the artisanal range of natural, real cheese There's a new Big Cheese in town and families are loving it....


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