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Tag: technology

AYO: Juggernaut or ‘juggernought’?

CAPE TOWN-based technology conglomerate Ayo is still battling to erase lingering scepticism about its business model and longer term prospects. The JSE – which many feel is an accurate barometer of prospects...

Reinventing steam power technology for a low-carbon future

As prevalent debates concerning the implementation of carbon neutral sources continue to make headlines, also increasingly rife, is the energy industry’s endeavour to explore a broader array of renewable energy sources including biomass.  Great...

Enhanced maintenance with adjustment technology

RECOGNISING that throatbush wear rate has a major impact in the overall efficiency of slurry pumps, Weir Minerals has developed superior rotating and axial adjustment technology. In many applications, the pump’s throatbush...

The future of Fintech

Far from the panic of Y2k and the limited capabilities of the Nokia 3310, consumers in 2020 have a world of financial services accessible on their smartphones. With an 82% Fintech...

Harnessing the business power of WhatsApp

Today, customers demand more than ever before from brands, including fast, personalised, reliable and free two-way communication. Organisations that have realised how important it is to reach their customers where they are...


Crisis Tips for SMEs

Displaying leadership It was recently reported by ratings agency S&P Global that the coronavirus outbreak has plunged the world into a recession. On the home...


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