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Going “Off-grid” with Satellite Broadband 

Building business resilience in a dynamic environment  ESKOM’s ongoing programme of loadshedding while intended to protect the integrity of the national grid, is creating one of the most difficult business environments in...

SAPPMA’s Pipes XIII showcases innovation and excellence in the Plastic Pipe Industry

The PIPES XIII Conference hosted by the Southern African Plastic Pipe Manufacturers Association (SAPPMA) and the Plastic Pipes Conference Association (PPCA) on 6 and 7 September 2022 at Emperors Palace in...

The efficient 5G network reliant on reimagined policy and regulation landscape

A sustainable and efficient 5G network needs to be underpinned by a competitive landscape where the sharing of resources is encouraged – this was the main takeaway from an insightful panel...

Smart satellites – saving businesses, saving lives

IN the event of a natural disaster or civil unrest, damage to terrestrial communications infrastructure, combined with exceptional spikes in demand, can leave users cut off at the worst possible time....


Woolies ESD programme backs 32 businesses with R391.7m in support in...

By Larry Claasen Woolworths’s Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) programme has given emerging businesses a much-needed boost by providing “procurement opportunities” to the value of...


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