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Tetra Pak® SA’s Pinetown factory wins prestigious Consistency Award from JIPM

TETRA Pak South Africa, the local operation of the world leading food processing and packaging solutions company, has announced that it has been honoured with the 2023 Total Plant Maintenance (TPM)...

Invest in our planet by renewing the commitment to recycling

A viable world for us to live in today, and one that will sustain our children tomorrow, is a universal responsibility. Government has recognised that Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is the preferred...

Beverage processing technology meets innovation

THE global call to reduce CO2 emissions in production processes, including beverage production, has had a significant influence on technology innovations that use less energy and water. This is against a...


Saldanha Green Hydrogen wants to pump its excess electricity into the...

By Larry Claasen Phelan Green Energy Group, which is developing a R47-billion green hydrogen project in Saldanha Bay is looking at ways to transfer the...


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