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Town & regional planning– inconsequential and a waste of money?

THE extent to which urban planning has degenerated into a more or less meaningless self-centred humdrum with little or no impact on the future of our cities stands out like a...

LED Lighting Solution for Western Cape Towns

The picturesque Western Cape towns of Ashton and Montagu have undergone an LED streetlighting upgrade, where old HID technology was replaced with an energy-efficient LED lighting solution. BEKA Schréder has supplied...

Re-naming towns and cities is not a new thing in Africa

No, a Gqeberha is not a citizen of a province in Canada. Gqeberha is the new name for Port Elizabeth, or Ibayi in the vernacular which means “The Bay”. Port Elizabeth had to be changed because it was...

Renewable energy for our cities and towns

The threat and reality of load shedding in South Africa has led to increased investment by the residential and industrial private sector into renewable energy (RE) generation.  In principle, metros and...


Woolies ESD programme backs 32 businesses with R391.7m in support in...

By Larry Claasen Woolworths’s Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) programme has given emerging businesses a much-needed boost by providing “procurement opportunities” to the value of...


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