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High quality simple to use HVAC transmitters and hygrostats

ENSURING an environmentally friendly workplace, cleanroom operation or storage space for specialised products, that meet the most stringent parameters of humidity and temperature measurement can be achieved with the newly launched...

New compact, hygienic transmitters

The Rosemount™ 326/327 line of pressure, level and temperature instruments offers food and beverage facilities the opportunity to improve efficiency, safety, product quality and consistency. Emerson have unveiled a new line of...

Pico Technology launches updated PICOSCOPE 9300

Pico Technologies, represented locally by Comtest, has completed the update on the PicoScope 9300 Series. The PicoScope 9301 and PicoScope 9341 have received a bandwidth upgrade from 20 GHz to 25 GHz –...


Saldanha Green Hydrogen wants to pump its excess electricity into the...

By Larry Claasen Phelan Green Energy Group, which is developing a R47-billion green hydrogen project in Saldanha Bay is looking at ways to transfer the...


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