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Electricity & water crises: Black-out of pre-paid meters looms

MUNICIPALITIES across South Africa are in a race against time to enable residents to update prepaid electricity and water meters before they stop working on 24 November 2024, just eight months...

Welding fumes – health risks update

WE all know welding fumes are dangerous, but how much risk is there really in welding? And how is this likely to affect your business? In October 2017, the International Agency for...

7 things you need to know today

1. Big players rally behind accelerated economic recovery strategy Private sector players have rallied behind the accelerated economic recovery strategy proposed by South Africa’s biggest business grouping with the aim of achieving...


We must protect SA’s groundwater

By Chetan Mistry, Strategy and Marketing Manager at Xylem Africa. THE borehole is a South African staple, accessing water from underground aquifers.  This is called groundwater,...


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