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SMEC South Africa uses VR technology to gain an edge

In today’s fast moving world of technology innovation, virtual reality has been around for a relatively long time; since the late 1960s. However, the concept of virtual reality has in fact...

Virtual reality will reshape your entertainment experience in the next five years

Game developers are learning how to use virtual reality (VR) and immersive technology to engage their audiences. When I visited the rAge gaming expo two years ago, it seemed like VR was...

Virtual Reality company brings the playground to hospital beds

Surgeons can use VR headsets to virtually inspect patients. They can access hard-to-study areas of the brain. The technology is also used on virtual bodies of conjoined twins before undertaking complicated...


Renewable energy component market will be worth R468-billion by 2030 –...

By Larry Claasen SOUTH Africa’s energy crisis, along with the global move to environmental sustainability has the potential to be a big economic drive, says...


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