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Fighting back

Metal manufacturing major, Fabrinox shakes off the effects of the COVID pandemic and the war in Ukraine with proven strategies and an emphasis on greater customer involvement. CEO Andre Visser elaborates...

From the “Bee in my Bonnet” Column; Dumb and dumber

If we are to believe environmental columnist, George Monboit’s latest missive Gastastrophe, published in the UK’s Guardian newspaper 9th March 2022 (and why wouldn’t we?), some ‘astonishingly foolish decisions’ have allowed...

Skyrocketing fuel prices cannot solely be blamed on the Ukraine war, economist says

Momentum Investments economist, Sanisha Packirisamym, says the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine is largely to blame for skyrocketing fuel prices, however, she says there are a few pre-existing issues that...

Heineken announces complete exit from Russia

Due to the war in Ukraine, Dutch brewing giant Heineken has announced that it will be leaving Russia and plans to transfer its business in the country to new owners. The move...


‘5-in-1 Trade Show’ brings important industries, buyers and sellers, together

THIS year’s event is set to be one of the biggest Electra Mining Africa exhibitions to date with over 850 companies exhibiting across six...


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