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Tag: Water

Theewaterskloof is finally at 100% capacity

Words we never thought we would hear a few years ago… Theewaterskloof dam is at 100% capacity. Yes, the dams have been filling up nicely over winter but these words are...

Maskam celebrates 10th anniversary with webinar

CONTRARY to the usual practice of face to face congratulations when reaching milestone events, the Covid-19 pandemic caused Maskam Water’s 10th anniversary celebrations to be conducted by webinar. The milestone event referred...

How optimal water use can support food security, reduce waste in Africa

While wastewater reuse presents a sustainable solution in supporting food security amid looming water shortages, the infrastructure costs present a barrier to widespread adoption in South Africa. Manufacturing plants, particularly local...

Borehole water to communities

According to the Department of Water and Sanitation, more than 21-million South Africans do not have a regular supply of clean water. Clean water is vital in the fight against COVID-19 making...

Five years, and five court orders, later and villagers still without water

Despite the municipality being order to provide residents in Limpopo villages with water, they still complain that taps are running dry. Five years of litigation and five court orders later, indigent residents...


Fishing rights: lines are taut

THE delayed FRAP (Fishing Rights Allocation Process) appears to be increasing anxiety levels in the local fishing sector – especially amongst the larger players,...