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Cape Town’s dam levels increase by 3.9%

Cape Town is fully in grips of winter, and with this comes days filled with rains, storms and other extreme weather conditions. The past few weeks have had several rainy days and as...

SA water levels on the decline

South Africans have been encouraged to save water, as water resources and dam levels across the country, with the exception of the Western Cape, continue to decline consistently week-on-week. “The national water...

Rand Water clarifies water tank prices

Rand Water has expressed concern about inflated prices that are being thrown around in the media, overstating the suppliers’ costs for water tankers. According to Rand Water, they have partnered with the...

What are the most common ways water is wasted?

XYLEM, a developer of innovative water solutions through smart technology, helps countries and communities secure and manage their water supplies. Xylem South Africa is engaged in projects across the country and...

Building Health in the time of Covid-19

How healthy is your building? Do all your staff have masks? Are there hand sanitisers available? Temperature screening? Social distancing protocols? If so, you may think that you have ticked all...


What are the best investment options in South Africa?

Investing can help you keep with the growing inflation rates and set and achieve goals in your career. Whether it's buying a car, owning...


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