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Tag: Water

Energy efficiency: the key to sustainable wastewater infrastructure

WITH no end in sight for loadshedding, it’s important for municipalities to start engaging in energy efficient mechanisms in their water and wastewater infrastructure.   This infrastructure is one of the biggest consumers...

City actions R1,6bn budget to invest in water and sanitation over next year

Over the 2022/23 financial year, which started Friday, 1 July 2022, the City of Cape Town will be investing R1,6 billion in water and sanitation infrastructure. This Council-approved budget helps secure...

Water and sanitation crisis – 2. Huge knock on effects to local manufacturing

Elsewhere in this issue the Editor discusses the crisis in water and sanitation and the possibility that a change of policy and individuals at the top may finally put the country...

Problem with lime-scale in our water

SCALE, which is initially made up of Calcium and Magnesium crystals that have come out of solution in the water flow, due to pressure or temperature changes is a problem encountered...

Water and sanitation crisis 1 – some green shoots?

Following the recent Water Summit held in Midrand, CBN Editor Robin Hayes discusses some positive outcomes with Benoit Le Roy, founder and CEO of the South African Water Chamber NPC. “THE appointment...


The energy morass

CBN Editor Robin Hayes asks if foreign funded vested interests are at play. IT beggars belief that we have endured loadshedding for more than 14...


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