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Tag: Water

What are the most common ways water is wasted?

XYLEM, a developer of innovative water solutions through smart technology, helps countries and communities secure and manage their water supplies. Xylem South Africa is engaged in projects across the country and...

Building Health in the time of Covid-19

How healthy is your building? Do all your staff have masks? Are there hand sanitisers available? Temperature screening? Social distancing protocols? If so, you may think that you have ticked all...

Tips for water softener selection

ALL boilers need a softener, as well as cooling towers, as boilers help to prevent scale on heat transfer surfaces. JP Thysse, Senior Technician at Allmech, local manufacturer of boilers and supplier...

Prepaid meters – a solution for non-payment

MANAGING utilities will be one of the top priorities of governments around the world for the next decade. South Africans are now living in a country where the provision of water...

Plastic pipes body calls for quality water infrastructure

The Southern African Plastic Pipe Manufacturers Association (SAPPMA), the standards body for the plastic pipe industry, says the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus in South Africa has once again highlighted the...


Liquor industry urges government to prepare to lift alcohol ban

The liquor industry is once again calling on government to lift the ban on alcohol. Their latest call is based on suggestions by the...