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Tag: water restrictions

Dam levels drop despite low water usage

Dam storage levels have dipped by 1.1% over the past week, however overall water consumption has remained under 600-million litres per day. The City of Cape Town Mayoral Committee Member for Water...

It’s an ill wind, but not for drillers

The crippling draught that currently grips South Africa and the Western Cape region in particular has generally negative consequences for food producers, livestock, industry and the economy. Water, so often...

Cape Town water crisis: the City’s current and future plans revealed

City of Cape Town’s water and energy efficiency strategist Sarah Rushmere today revealed just how stressed the greater Cape Town water supply system is. Speaking at a water-themed hackathon event...


FNB partners with Future Females to grow SA women entrepreneurs

First National Bank said on Wednesday it had joined forces with Future Females as the main sponsor of all its South African chapters in...


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