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If you do not measure, you cannot fix

IN the face of escalating water scarcity and sanitation challenges, South Africa has embarked on a critical journey towards sustainability and efficiency in water use.  The National Water Resource Strategy Third Edition...

Challenging environments are ideal opportunities to explore new innovations

In the midst of tight economic constraints and water scarcity challenges, maintenance teams are increasingly seeking innovative solutions that can work more efficiently and save on time, money, water and resources.  This...

Water scarcity is the next big business challenge – #watershedding

While the country braces itself for a year of load-shedding and Coronavirus panic sets in, there is another crisis looming: that of water scarcity. The water situation in South Africa is...

Here’s how satellites are used to measure water scarcity

Today, more than 700 million people around the world drink water from unsafe or untreated sources, such as wells, springs and surface water. About half of these people live in sub-Saharan Africa. In...


City proposes modification of weirs at Zeekoevlei and Rondevlei to improve...

THE City of Cape Town proposes the redevelopment and upgrade of the weirs at Zeekoevlei and Rondevlei that are located within the False Bay...


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