18.1 C
Cape Town
Sunday, January 17, 2021



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Some Spring weather forecast for Cape Town

Capetonians are rejoicing at the sunny, warm weather after several cold fronts made landfalls in the city over the past few weeks. Spring might finally be in the air this week...

Another cold front to hit Western Cape this week

Prepare for another cold front to hit the Western Cape by the end of this week, bringing much needed rain with it. Weather forecaster Mike Berridge says, we can expect an increase in temperatures...

More rainy weather for Cape Town this weekend

After an unusually warm start to the week, Cape Town is in for more rain this weekend and scattered showers next week. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be warmer with temperatures...

More snowfall and rain predicted for Western Cape

The Western Cape is in for more icy cold weather and forecasters have even predicted snowfall, as a cold front makes its way to the province. Storm Report SA’s weather models suggests a...

SA ushers in winter with snow

Temperatures have dropped significantly at the start of the week, with the South African Weather Service predicting snow in parts of the country. In addition to the two recent snow events over...


Days found to be slightly shorter than 24 hours

Scientists have made an interesting discovery – time passes much quicker now than it has at any other point in the last half-century. Since...