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Tag: welding

Africa’s welding capabilities boosted

TO address the future professional needs of the welding industry in Africa, the Southern African Institute of Welding (SAIW) has signed an SLA with The Welding Federation for Africa (TWF) to...

Welding fumes – health risks update

WE all know welding fumes are dangerous, but how much risk is there really in welding? And how is this likely to affect your business? In October 2017, the International Agency for...

Preventing contamination during and after welding

IDENTIFYING and using the correct abrasive product, whether for cutting, grinding or blending, is core to the successful completion of any job. Besides the safety risk involved when using incorrect products...

Babcock improves large bore welding efficiency by 50%

ON the back of recent successful welding trials at a major power station, Babcock’s engineering business is ready to roll out a semi-automated welding solution for high pressure pipe welding that...

Air Products Welding – Focus on the Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) process

Air Products prides on outstanding customer service, innovation and a secure supply of industrial gases, but more importantly, is the technical expertise provided to customers in terms of the application of...


The energy morass

CBN Editor Robin Hayes asks if foreign funded vested interests are at play. IT beggars belief that we have endured loadshedding for more than 14...


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