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Tag: Wesgro

Wesgro says R98m invested into Sturrock Dry Dock in the Port of Cape Town

A R98 million floating caisson will be constructed for the Sturrock Dry Dock in the Port of Cape Town as part of a multimillion rand overhaul of the port’s ship repair...

Cape Town film industry flourishes

Cape Town’s film industry is finally beginning to flourish after the drought. For two year’s during the water crisis international films were discouraged from investing in the city and now the industry...

Logic needs to be applied in Eskom and SAA

Eskom is overstaffed by 66% and the average salary is more than R700 000 a year according to the World Bank. We know this because utility companies produce the same products...

W.Cape has already secured R1.9bn in investments; will create 2000 plus jobs

Cape Town and the Western Cape’s official Tourism, Trade and Investment Promotion Agency – is pleased to announce that over the last eight months, our investment team has helped secure over...

2000 jobs to be created in the Cape following committed investments

Wesgro announced that over the last eight months, their investment team has helped secure over R1.9 billion in committed investments emanating from 14 deals. This news demonstrates that there is...


Substantial cost savings achieved as Konecranes upgrades old Wolff Crane

A 35 T/15 T Wolff Crane, that was installed in a local metal plant in 1989, was recently upgraded by Konecranes. The modernisation of...


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