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Lifting of local lockdown sees rise of the ‘risk investor’,

IN March 2020, the longest bull market in history turned bearish, with market sentiment swinging aggressively towards pessimism. While the global stock market recovered quickly, the South African economy found itself...

Denying a person the right to earn a living is immoral

The President, receiving his full salary, and enjoying normal benefits during the national Covid-19 predicament, on 27 June 2021, made an announcement which resulted in the suspension of economic activities, denying...

Close to one million EPWP work opportunities created

A total of 938 688 work opportunities has been created through the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) during 2020/21 financial year. The Department of Public Works and Infrastructure (DPWI), which is the...

State hasn’t bowed to wage demands – the cupboard is still bare

Despite some headlines claiming the Government has caved in to union demands for inflation-busting salary increases for all 13 million State employees, a closer reading tells a different story, reaffirming that...

Work from home permanently? This is what it means for your annual leave

A survey by professional services firm PwC shows that the pandemic has changed worked expectations in South Africa, with more employees wanting to work from home even if they can come...


The energy morass

CBN Editor Robin Hayes asks if foreign funded vested interests are at play. IT beggars belief that we have endured loadshedding for more than 14...


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