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Deloitte Digital announces The EnergyJourney

Deloitte Digital today announced the launch of its latest solution, the EnergyJourney, which enhances and sustains high levels of workforce engagement. This ground-breaking innovation strengthens the focus of employees and supports high levels of motivation, with direct bearing on business growth and protection of profit margins.

Organisational performance depends on successful people being emotionally engaged and working together towards one purpose. The EnergyJourney empowers employees and organisations to manage work-life balances for optimal happiness and performance. It measures the energy state of an organisation’s workforce, enabling it to quickly identify the causes of burnout and high staff turnover. Identifying the causes of poor workforce engagement enables intervention that stops the ‘crash and burn’ cycle with skills-based training to capacitate staff. The real-time digital energy interventions are designed to empower individuals, teams and organisations to better identify and manage their energy influences.

“While companies often have Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Customer (B2C) and Business-to-Enterprise (B2E) intelligence in play, rarely is Business-to-Staff (B2S) intelligence included in strategic plans and operational roadmaps”, says Deloitte Digital Workforce Engagement Lead, Joanne Doyle-Went.

“A Business-to-Staff plan is fundamental to the success of every organisation. Multiple studies have proven that a highly-engaged workforce is a strong indicator of company productivity. Highly-engaged employees are the DNA of successful organisations, and in order to get the best of out of them, you need to ensure their happiness by helping them maintain a balance between body, mind and heart. This in turns builds a successful business environment, where employees benefit from having a work-life balance,” says Doyle-Went.

In practical terms, this means that individuals can identify energisers and drainers, track their levels against team members, and receive personally-curated energy tips and access to an online energy coach. Organisations can view the overall and segmented energy view of their teams, gauge the energy effectiveness of team leaders and allow for proactive responses to productivity engagement challenges.

“The solution is an end-to-end vision of energy management, from gauging and mapping organisational levels, to the EnergyLabs function that equips workers for greater wellbeing, to the real-time tracker that enables insights and rapid deployment of solutions,” says Marisa Farinha-Lloyd, Chief Energy Officer at Deloitte Digital.

“Our research has indicated a real hunger amongst organisations to implement this kind of thinking into their business strategies. Every single participant in a pilot program at a listed consumer business would recommend the EnergyLabs to others, while 90% of government department participants believe that what they learnt can increase the energy they brought to work,” continues Farinha-Lloyd.

Most organisations recognise that quacking into high performance gear is not about working harder, but smarter. The EnergyJourney allows them to practically and sustainably implement business strategies that make working smarter a possibility. In a business environment where the power has shifted to employees, this empowers business leaders to build an organisation that engages employees as sensitive, passionate, creative contributors. These are the digitally-enabled winners of the future. 

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