Make headway at the African Rail Evolution conference

The first ever African Rail Evolution conference will be taking place on the 12-13 April 2016. This event will be focusing on rail infrastructure maintenance and rehabilitation projects and the investments that will be going into these types of projects moving forward. It is said that 60% of investment in the African rail sector will be going into rehabilitation and maintenance.

This conference identifies the key players and the key projects in the rail sector. This will bring participants from across Africa together to share ideas and strategies. Key presenters from Africa will be delivering insight into the developments in the sector.

Nomfuyo Galeni, Chief Financial Officer of Transnet Freight Rail will be discussing the way forward for Transnet’s Market Demand Strategy and how this will impact the rail sector in South Africa. Nkululeko Poya, CEO of the Rail Safety Regulator will be covering how maintenance and rehabilitation can improve safety and reliability in the sector.

This two day meeting of the minds for the rail sector will facilitate collaboration and growth, by offering participants key take aways and real life case studies, demonstrating successes and failures. There will be a focus on where the rail sector in Africa is now and what the future will hold for the sector, once the current rail lines are upgraded. We will also focus on where the investment opportunities for the rail sector will be concentrated.

Sponsors will showcase solution providers, with technologies and methods of how to improve the current state of the rail sector in Africa.

For more information to participate as an exhibitor or accessing the conference, contact Carly Pols on +27 700 4505, email: Go to our website for more information Don’t let this opportunity to connect fall by the wayside.