New app technology set to radically improve employee management

New app technology set to radically improve employee management

A Cape Town-based start-up company has unveiled a new phone app that is set to radically improve the way businesses manage staff through the use of their mobile device.

ClockWork has already signed up one of the largest events companies in South Africa and will launch the technology more widely in Cape Town and Johannesburg in January.

The dual communications platform improves efficiency and productivity, besides reducing costs, and is expected to be particular popular with companies managing large fleets of labour working shifts, such as those in the events, construction, manufacturing and retail industries.

The app acts as an intermediary between businesses and their employees, enabling businesses to conduct effective time tracking and performance analysis of workers from their mobile device. 

ClockWork Chief Management Officer Jonathan Kingwill explained: “Data analysis is a major aspect central to company performance. However, when it comes to labour, tracking and quantifying performance is a rare phenomenon. This application allows managers to conduct roll call and performance analysis procedures while on the job.

“All time-tracking data and performance analysis can be viewed at a later date and a unique algorithm can be used to select the correct candidates for particular roles in the future. Our goal is to provide companies with simple statistical analysis on how to enhance the labour productivity of their business.”

ClockWork claims that its technology is an industry first in offering a simple tool which tracks real time labour performance and applies the data in several ways.

The first company to use the app is Cape Town hospitality company Event Solutions. Head of staffing Enver Naidoo commented, “We are thrilled with this new software which will save considerable time across many departments and enhance our staff productivity. We often have issues associated with labour punctuality and performance and believe we can use ClockWork to fix that. We are excited to see the product develop into something which assists us with the whole timeline of a job” 

The new app will also help employees in their work progression. Companies will be able to keep track of individual employees’ performance, helping them to monitor visual numerical evidence of the progress they make and experience gained.

Jonathan added, “They can use this as a credible way of applying for future work. The main attribute which companies are looking for when hiring is on the job experience and ClockWork provides this in a readable format. The app can help businesses to grow and develop by providing them with a unique productivity platform. “

ClockWork is now developing the app further to enhance the ability of job seekers to find employment.