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The future of power quality in high definition

The innovative design of the Elspec G4400 BLACKBOX device series is the most advanced power meter in the market today. The G4400 provides accurate detection and isolation of power quality anomalies for effective preventative maintenance. Its enhanced capabilities are uniquely adaptable to address the individual needs of almost any business or application.

Equipped with PQZIP patented compression technology, it offers the advantages of continuous waveform recordings and records all events on all network parameters for more than a year at 1,024 samples per cycle resolution, eliminating the need for thresholds, triggers, or parameter settings for logging.

However, if required the device may be pre-programmed with any individual parameters during setup for event flagging.  Elspec’s pioneering measurement method utilises a dual range gain of 2 x 16 Bit to yield, a superior accuracy surpassing IEC 61000-4-30 Class A requirements. 

A unique time synchronization algorithm ensures that logged data from multiple units is synchronized and displayed on the same time scale.

Enhanced with remote monitoring capabilities, the G4400 fixed or portable devices are specifically designed to connect via TCP/IP/RTU/GPRS Wireless allowing data to be analysed over any network, from any location. 

The BLACKBOX series is also equipped with standard industrial protocols enabling seamless integration with any existing SCADA system and the G4400 Multi I/O optional module expands the monitoring capabilities of the BLACKBOX with additional digital and analog I/O ports. 

The advanced Power Quality Management Software Suite empowers the G4400 with an unparalleled dual data recording capability. It calculates RMS, harmonics and all desired values from waveforms in post-processing providing the most accurate detection and isolation of PQ anomalies.

The result is accurately analysed data for diagnosis and effective maintenance of equipment.

Elspec’s innovative PQSCADA Power Quality Management Suite software simplifies troubleshooting and allows for the control, configuration, comparison and analysis of time-synchronised data. 

This user-friendly system provides easy and timely reporting via its automated reporting capabilities. Reports can be generated according to any customised period and event data is easily exported to either COMTRADE or PQDIF and any other data formats such as PDF, Excel or HTML.

The fixed or portable G4400 BLACKBOX series is a technological breakthrough providing the perfect PQ solution to electrical utilities and industrial or commercial clients to improve system efficiency ensure a reliable and consistent source of energy and reduce costs.

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