The Green Week Online Cannabis Expo kicks off tomorrow; Register Now!

Green Week Online Cannabis Expo

The Expo kicks off tomorrow, a virtual affair like never before, hosting virtual exhibitors from selected brands and quality suppliers in the Cannabis Industry.

Exhibitors are all aiming to supply great deals and prices on selected items for attendees.

To commemorate the life of Julian Stobbs, 3rd Eye Media has covered the cost of each and every exhibitor to advertise for free in order to rejuvenate the Cannabis Industry after the economic impact Covid-19 has had on small businesses and the economy.

3rd Eye Media, a company well-known for award winning advertising solutions are going full steam ahead, representing a large range of top quality businesses in the Cannabis Industry.

Attendees can expect to score like never before on cultivation products, grow equipment, nutrients, CBD products and more!

3rd Eye Media and their partner suppliers together, are giving away millions of rands worth of prizes and giveaways as well as bursaries, franchises and Cannabis products.