Wescape is an integrated and holistic development based on the communiTgrow approach to the urban environment which will enable people to learn, live and grow in a healthy, self-sustaining community. Wescape will consist of 200,000 homes and will provide all necessary educational and healthcare facilities, employment opportunities and community facilities and services. Wescape is the flagship project of communiTgrow.

Cape Town is currently experiencing urban challenges that face most developing cities. The city’s population is growing rapidly, making it difficult to keep up with housing, service and infrastructure demands. There is very little development opportunity within the CBD for the city to expand, so the West Coast Growth Corridor has been identified as a targeted development area.

Located north-west of Cape Town on the urban edge and along the West Coast Growth Corridor, Wescape will assist in providing solutions to many of the metropole’s economic expansion requirements and 20 year plan for education, housing and health.

Wescape comprises life-long learning with all-encompassing healthcare, employment opportunities and social sustenance. The Wescape community development model incorporates industry, technology, food security, infrastructure, waste processing, energy reduction and production in a holistic manner, minimising environmental impact from urban growth. ‘Green lung’ public spaces are integrated into residential nodes and community areas in a unique living space, make a safe, accessible and practical environment for all. The project will be rolled out in phases using communiTgrow’s models to integrate the community on all levels and incorporate planned transport and infrastructural extension to the North west of Cape Town. Extensive environmental impact studies and urban design are at an advanced stage, ensuring a whole-system integrated design based on communiTgrow’s Six Pillars.